Qingdao RockX Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd, setting up by several competent persons, is committed to becoming a world-class primary mining private equity management company. The discoverers and value creators of being underestimated mineral resources is our value proposition. RockX Capital focuses on the investment of rare and precious mineral resources, leading innovative technology companies in the mining field and potential companies in the fields of intelligence, high-end manufacturing and and CO2 emissions reduction&carbon neutrality.

Our core members have a significant position among resource industry, not only has the power of signature of JORC technical report recognized by Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), but also has complete and rich experience in mining exploration, mining evaluation, project development&construction, mining&beneficiation, production&operation, and even overseas listing. We, in a word, can help investors control investment risks by comprehensively evaluating the future development, operation and other aspects of the project involved.

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