Aggregator and promotor of Industrial integration for leading enterprises.
Building mining project exploration that developed with high speed.
Optimizes Value for Mining!

Our Company policy

* Focus on the early and pre production investment of rare and precious minerals

* Finding undervalued mining projects for equity investment

* Select minerals in the rising cycle in the next 10 years for equity investment

* Combine with large mining companies to promote resource integration

* Help the mine to improve operation and provide value-added services after becoming a shareholder

* Maximize the interests of investors

1.It is a leading innovative technology company in the mining industry and a "specialized, refined, special and innovative" enterprise with great potential in the fields of mining intelligence, high-end manufacturing, and CO2 emissions reduction & carbon neutrality.

2.Invest in risk exploration, exploration, pre feasibility study and feasibility study stages of China's Strategic Mineral Resources Catalogue such as new energy minerals and rare and precious metals.

International Mining Experience

In the past decade, our team has participated in the technical due diligence, evaluation and investment consultation of nearly 100 mining projects in the world. We’re familiar with the investment of major rare and precious resources, and have unique views on the identification and control of investment risks of mining projects. Our rich experience in global mining services can explore more investment opportunities of high-quality international project.

Large-Scale Mining Enterprises Management Experience

Our team members are experienced in the operation and management of large-scale mining companies and mining engineering technology companies. Even in dealing with complex mining conditions such as thin coal seam (thin ore body) and steeply inclined seam, there are many successful experiences.

We focus on innovation and integrated those technologies into industrial practice.By the end of 2017,we have already awarded 28 patents and software copyrights

We have established wide linkages at home and aboard, with solid industry resources and rich project reserve resources.

Mining Competent Persons

We are on the top layer of the mining value chain ,and can quickly dock high-quality rare resource projects.

Through equity investment, industry integration investment, asset placement and other investment methods, we can help the participating mines to enhance the project value, connect with the global mainstream primary mining capital market, and exit through rapid IPO, M & A, long-term dividend (part) and other ways.

Combine GP's experience in mine exploration, operation and safety management.

Exploration quality control and optimization.

Mining and Mineral Process optimization and management improvement.

Promote mines to grow to new stages at a lower cost.