Rockx Capital explored multiple exploration Rights of Alxa League 2020-05-24


In Mongolian, Alashan means "colorful land". The desert scenery is not only magnificent, but also rich in mineral resources. It has the characteristics of complete mineral species, centralized distribution, large reserves of some mineral resources, excellent quality, rich non-metallic minerals, many Co / associated minerals and great potential. The identified dominant minerals are mainly coal, lake salt, mirabilite, iron, gold, molybdenum, copper, graphite, gypsum, fluorite, dolomite for magnesium smelting, granite for facing, kaolin, ceramic soil, oil, natural gas, etc.

 rockx capital desert

Last week, three competent persons of Rockx Capital explored several exploration rights in Alashan, carried out technical adjustment work, and made communication and discussion on how to help the mining project quickly realize the project value, which is also the vision of Rockx Capital.

Rockx Capital focuses on the early stage projects and mining construction projects in the exploration period, and is committed to helping mining exploration projects quickly realize the project value. Core team members have unique advantages in the mining investment field, such as significant resource status, rich experience and integrity (including exploration, development and construction, mining, beneficiation and production operation), familiarity with the exit channel of the global mainstream mining capital market, etc.



This exploration has been successfully completed with full harvest. All kinds of gems are also found on the exploration road,it is wonderful!