RockX Capital signed the Indonesia gold mine investment agreement 2020-12-01

Rockx Capital Equity Investment Partnership, the venture Exploration Fund product by Qingdao RockX Capital Investment Management Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "RockX Capital"), has signed the ‘Agreement on Investment in PT. BINA DAYA LAHAN PERTIWI’ with PT. BINA DAYA LAHAN PERTIWI(Hereinafter referred to as BDLP) who registered in Indonesia.

 Indonesia gold mine

At present, the parties are completing all necessary internal and external review, approval and registration procedures as agreed, including but not limited to the Community Risk Assessment and Reduction Report, ODI, etc.

Basic information of BDLP:

Holding the mining license of Hulubalang Gold

Scope of mining area: 38.36Km2

Mineral right type: Large gold mine

Metal type: gold and polymetallic ores

Location: Hulubalang Village, Paleleh Town, Central Sulawesi Province

Project stage: Preparation period of mine construction. Infrastructure, such as surface plant, explosive magazine, dormitories and roads, has been completed.

It’s said by RockX Capital that it’s honored to become a shareholder of Hulubalang Gold Mine. RockX Capital would devote all its efforts to lead-in HOT Mining who is one of the sponsors of the fund to Hulubalang gold mine. The Project development and operation experience in exploration, mining and mineral processing of HOT Mining will be used to enhance the sustainable development of the Hulubalang gold mine.


RockX Capital Introduction

 RockX Capital is a private equity investment fund initiated by several COMPETENT persons, focusing on rare and precious mineral resources investment, especially the ‘small and resourceful’ exploration projects.

With rich financing channels, RockX Capital has a long-term cooperative relationship with mainstream mining investment institutions, and can use various financing methods such as risk exploration fund, metal flow, underwriting equity financing, BOT(only limited to some international mining projects) to help high-quality projects obtain financial support. Meanwhile, it can provide financial services for mining projects, such as listing in Hong Kong and Canada, to help mines "turn minerals into wealth" with the minimum cost and the shortest development time.

Significant resource status:

The core team has the right to sign JORC and NI43-101 approved by the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO), whichis used for the public listing of mining projects in Canada, Australia, Hong Kong and other international capital markets.

Rich experience in international mining industry:

The core team has complete experience from exploration, to development and construction, till mining and dressing operation. In the past work, core team members have served in more than 40 countries, participated in the evaluation and consultation of mining projects worth more than 20 billion RMB, and led the development, construction and operation of several large mining projects, in which the minerals involved include: gold, copper, silver, cobalt, lead, zinc, lithium, coal, etc. The customers include: Anglo-American gold (South Africa), Korea Energy (South Korea), Siberia Energy (Russia), Mongolia Mining (Mongolia), China Shenhua, China National Coal Group, etc.

Value-added services provided:

1、Lead-in GP's experience in mining exploration, operation and safety management.

2、Exploration quality control and optimization.

3、Mining and dressing process optimization and management improvement.

4、To promote the rapid growth of mines to a new stage at a lower cost.